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'delivering Quality'


At Veitch Moir we are extremely passionate about food. Our team goes to enormous lengths to supply the best, freshest and most seasonal fruit and vegetables, and we pride ourselves on delivering an extensive variety of high quality produce tailored to each customer's individual needs.

We are particularly committed to sourcing locally-grown produce, in order to both support local farmers and also reduce, where possible, the company's carbon footprint and as such we can call upon a growing network of British suppliers providing sundry organic fruit and vegetables on our behalf.

At Veitch Moir we strongly believe that customer choice should be as informed as possible and so we are always on hand to listen and talk to our customers about our wide range of products. The fruit and vegetable industry is a constantly-evolving market and we know that there is always more we can do to help our customers make informed decisions about what they want to buy.

As a result of this ethos, we have committed to, and achieved, our UK Quality Assurance certificate, assuring our customers that we will always supply the best quality.

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to find out more call us on 01224 592471 or email