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We can source over 900 different types and varieties of Fruit and Vegetables. To ensure we purchase and offer the highest standard of fruit and vegetables for our customers, we have developed close working relationships with producers and, latterly, will only purchase from those producers who have accreditation for approved and recognised growing methods. All products purchased have a full product specification and we will only purchase class 1 products. We can trace each batch of product from the farm it was grown to the final kitchen of delivery.



We offer a 7 day delivery service to all of our customers and hold a standard stock that can be drawn from to achieve urgent orders. For specialist stock and variety, we would require an additional period of time to source from our growers.

We operate a ‘late order -early delivery ‘service for our customers ensuring that when the chefs finish service late at night, they can place an order and we will ensure that it is at the kitchen for fresh for the start of the new working day.

fruit at Veitch Moir prepared vegetables at Veitch Moir vegetables at Veitch Moir at Veitch Moir we also hold catering supplies at Veitch Moir we hold large stocks Cold Storage at Veitch Moir

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