our history

'three generations of high quality services and products'


For three generations Veitch Moir has been owned and managed by the same family. The Company’s core business has been and remains the production and supply of provisions and services for the community.

The Company was bought by James Tait shortly after his return from the First World War in 1918. With the advent of the then new Companies Act, the Company was registered as Veitch Moir Ltd on 5 November 1927. James Tait ran VM all through the Second World War and he and the Company played major roles in providing food in those hard times.

The management of Veitch Moir passed to Malcolm Tait in the 1960s and he subsequently acquired full ownership of the Company, which was located in the Castlegate for a number of years, before moving to new premises on the Beach Boulevard in 1969.

In 1997 the management of Veitch Moir passed to the current generation with a management buy-out of Malcolm Tait's share. The company thereafter moved to their current location at Unit 3, Miller Street, Aberdeen.

Veitch Moir in the 60's

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